Duke of Edinburgh Award


There are three Awards, each with separate age criteria:
BRONZE Award – if you’re aged 14-25
SILVER Award – if you’re aged 15-25
GOLD Award – if you’re aged 16-25


In each Award, there are four separate areas: Skill, Physical, Expedition and Service, for the Gold Award there is also a Residential Section. The Award itself is a programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities designed for use by all agencies having a concern for the development of young people; a programme flexible enough to meet their enthusiasms and aptitudes whatever their background or culture, however plentiful or limited their resources may be.


Participants follow their chosen activities, largely in their own time, with guidance from someone knowledgeable in each subject. Minimum standards of achievement are laid down and when these are met, the participants qualify for an Award. These minimum standards should be exceeded, where appropriate, in order to create a truly personal challenge. A badge and certificate are presented on behalf of The Duke of Edinburgh to mark an attainment, which represents the successful completion of a co-operative venture between the young and not-so-young in this way, barriers between generations are eroded.


In gaining Awards, young people learn by experience the importance of commitment, enterprise and effort. They discover a great deal about themselves and come to know the enjoyment of working with and for other people. The Award is voluntary and entry must be a participant’s free choice. It is not competitive since individuals are assessed on their own progress, perseverance and achievement and Awards are within the reach of all. The programme is available to all young people whether members of a youth organisation or not. They may take part individually or together with others of their own age group.


This, is the essence of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Through a commitment to its programmes, young people will be acquiring self-reliance and a sense of responsibility to others, both essential qualities of citizenship. The Award Programme is a vehicle for spiritual, personal and social development and the overall benefits of the Award are therefore greater than the sum of its component parts. It is hoped that adults who help young people towards an Award will bear these aspects in mind. The Award is run by ‘Operating Authorities’ of which Cornwall County Scout Council is an appointed Operating Authority.


More information can be found on the official Duke of Edinburgh’s Award website – www.dofe.org


To contact our Cornwall team directly you can email our County Duke of Edinburgh’s Co-ordinator here:
Clare Thompson | dofe@cornwallscouts.org.uk