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4 Sep 2014

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Compass is a free, secure tool from The Scout Association to help you keep track of your Scouting. Researched, developed and tested with members in a range of Scout roles, Compass can perform a powerful set of functions to make Scout admin quicker and easier to manage in one place. The system safely stores data about adult members, young people and parents and allows you to perform useful tasks with that information.

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25 Aug 2014

The members of the 2014 Explorer Belt Expedition in the Czech Republic are hard at work, hiking, meeting locals and experiencing a once in a life time adventure.
They’ve sent us a quick catch up video to show us how much fun they’re having.

24 Jul 2014

Dear member,
The Scout Association is in the process of transferring all membership records into our new membership system Compass. If you have not heard much about Compass before please do take a look at
In order to complete the transfer of records the current membership system needs to close.
The shutdown is planned for Monday, 28th July, at 9am.
From Monday you will no longer be able to access, amend or download your own record or other members’ information until Compass is live.
You can still log into and use the Print …

2 Jun 2014

This project seeks to raise funds to enable us to erect a scaffold based Abseiling Tower.
The tower will be 8m high and 5m long with an internal staircase to allow ease of access to the launch platform.
The tower will allow 5 people to abseil at the same time.
Abseiling is an exciting activity that Nine Ashes has not been able to fully provide before.
Cornwall Scouts do not currently have access to a suitable facility to train its members without going to expensive commercial providers – this tower will enable us to …

28 Mar 2014

Interrail Summer 2015

The County are currently planning a Jamboree on Trains for next year. This is a very simple concept that we hope will be great fun and an amazing adventure. The plan is to take a number of Patrols of Cornish Explorer Scouts on an Inter Rail Expedition around Europe for two weeks in August 2015. Please read the following Q&A’s which will hopefully wet your appetite…
Q. Where will we be going.
A. At this point in time we can’t tell you where you will be going, for the very simple reason that …

17 Feb 2014

A number of Explorers, Networkers and Leaders involved in the forthcoming Explorer Belt Expedition to the Czech Republic graced the airwaves of Radio Cornwall this weekend to give the presenter Tracey Wilson and the people of Cornwall a glimpse into the adventure they’ll be undertaking.
The team feature between 2:24:00 & 2:35:00
The show will be available on the website until next Saturday.
Listen Again on the BBC website:

20 Jan 2014

On behalf of Mid Cornwall District, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to take part in Mid Cornwall’s Coast 2 Coast and Beaver challenges. Please make sure you read all the paperwork
carefully, and remember to book early as numbers are limited for both the events. Early bookings also carry a large discount (for prices see booking forms).

10 Nov 2013

The leadership of next year’s Explorer Belt expedition to the Czech Republic have been hard at work, planning and carrying out a visit to the region.  For a taste of what’s in store for the Explorers and Networkers taking part, take a look at the video they’ve produced.

7 Oct 2013

You might have heard that Scouting is changing. For the first time, we’re offering an additional alternative Promise that will allow those who have no faith to promise to do their best, to uphold our Scout values and to do their duty to the Queen.
But what does that mean to Scouting here in Cornwall?
Put simply, it means more people than ever can join Scouting. We are committed to being an inclusive organisation and we have removed barriers that might prevent those who share our values from taking part.
But none of …

19 Aug 2013

You can now share content from the Cornwall Scout site directly onto your favourite social media platforms.
Look out for the social media icons on pages, posts, events and announcments.

Some advice from the Scout Association on keeping safe on Socail Media websites