Years ago in a field just outside Bodmin…k13 (1)

In the Summer of 2013 the Cornish Countryside saw the epic Kernow Jamboree spring to life. On a quiet corner of the Pencarrow estate near Bodmin over 1500 Scouts, Guides, Explorers, Senior Section, Leaders and Jamboree staff came together for a week of adventure and fun.

Explorer Scouts didn’t even exist when the previous Kernow Jamboree was held in 1997 and after the brilliant Explorer only “Smuggler” events in 2004 and 2008, we were keen to bring back the magic of Kernow so organising the first Cornish Jamboree this century, we knew we were all part of something special.

A massive range of activites were laid on in our themed zones across the Pencarrow estate, including circus skills, craft, an overnight survival experience in the woods, adventure zone and the “Global Development Zone”. To provide a lasting legacy, the “Eco Zone” gave all participants the chance to contribute to the up keep of the Pencarrow Estate by unclogging sections of the pond, surveying the wildlife and clearing undergrowth. The Kernow team also transported everyone offsite for a session on the water at Porthpean or Sibblyback as well as trekking across Bodmin Moor in a search for the Legendary “Beast of Bodmin”.

Your chance to join us – Scouts, Guides, Explorers, Senior Section and Leadersk13 (28)

But a tent-town in the woods, even surrounded by activities isn’t a Jamboree without participants and wow, did you make it an unforgettable experience! (we can’t call it a once in a lifetime experience because we’re doing it all over again!).

We really hope that you’re going to want to join us for Kernow Jamboree 2017, we are aiming for it to be bigger, better, with more fun and more chances to meet more new friends. Very soon we’ll be opening up for bookings so make sure you’re ready for the next part of the Kernow Jamboree Experience.






k13 (27)Be a part of Team Kernow – Jamboree Staff

We know how much fun we had organising the last Jamboree and we’re just as excited to be a part of Kernow 2017.

With over a year still to go there are loads of opportunities for you to be involved too. We need plenty of people to be a part of the staff team during the Jamboree, there are lots of diverse jobs that we need to fill, we need people to run the stage, to help on activities, to clean toilets, secure the site, provide safety cover on the water, produce the camp newspaper and show around VIPs. There is something to suit everyone.
Over the coming months we also need help with the planning, we want your input on bands to book, activities to run, the design of our t-shirts, the layout of the site and all the other tiny things that come together to make a Jamboree. If you think you could be a part of this, please get in touch.


The theme for Kernow 2017 is “Explore and Discover” – celebrating the cultures and civilisations around the globe and the vastly different regions on Earth (and beyond) and helping us all to learn more about ourselves and the world we live in.
Our subcamps are named to celebrate the spirit of exploration:






Solar (Staff Subcamp)