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Creative Zone Vacancies

Over the course of the week the Creative Zone will be producing and filming a “production” which may feature in the closing ceremony/on the website/on screens around the site.

The creative zone are looking for the following roles to make this a reality:

  • Creative Zone would like an Assistant Manager to oversee the running of the craft activities and staff each day.
  • Lead dance instructor / choreographer – get everyone up and moving, boogeying and busting moves
  • Director for the theatrical elements – have you got a dream to make it in the West End?  Help us stage an epic show
  • Musical/Singing lead – budding singer song writer or karaoke queen?  Can you help us get the whole camp singing and making beautiful music?
  • Production Team members – Help us teach the Jamboree to Dance/ make Music/Sing/ or Act
  • Crafty Creatives – You don’t have to love PVA glue and glitter, but if you’re a creative, dedicated crafter, we need your help to run the craft bases.  Some of which may be run during the evenings as an alternative to the noisier evening entertainments and which will also be run on the Cub/Brownie day.

If you’re interested in any of our Creative roles, please get in touch




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