Subcamps & Theme



The Kernow Subcamps are the communities you’ll be living in for your week at Kernow, we hope you’ll get to know your neighbours and share your experiences, stories and adventures with them. It is also an excellent opportunity to “brand” your campsite – maybe you’ll turn your Polar campsite into a winter wonderland or your frontier home into a wild west saloon!

We’ve chosen the Subcamp names based on our overall theme of “Explore and Discover” – we wanted to celebrate some of the great exploration milestones and regions of the world and to showcase the cultures and lives of those who live there as well as consider the delicate ecosystems they contain and how we can protect them.

Kernow 2013 subcamp badges

Solar (Staff subcamp)

Based on your great feedback from Kernow 13 we’ve kept the hexagonal badge designs so your main Kernow badge interlocks with the subcamps but this time we’ve made sure there is no “set” order to put the badges together, so when you come to sew them on to your blanket you can choose to have your own subcamp at the top, arrange them by hue or alphabetically, however you fancy displaying them!