The Kernow Site

site_aerialOne of the most special parts of the Kernow experience is the beautiful site that we get to enjoy for our week of fun and adventure.

In the heart of the Cornish countryside the Pencarrow Estate is the home of the Molesworth family, descendants of the families who have run the estate for over 500 years.

Arriving at the site you’ll wind down the main house drive, passing through Iron Age earthworks and past ancient woodlands keep an eye out for the peacocks!

Surrounded by forest, the Jamboree site sweeps down the valley towards the gardens of Pencarrow, with the sub camps and central hub at the top of the site and activities, stage and staff subcamp right outside the main house.

The hub is the centre of our canvas city, this is where you’ll find the info point, cafe, admin centre, media centre as well as our shop and main first aid point.  Our 5 sub camps fan out from the hub.site_pencarrowhouse

Our onsite activities are spread across the estate and we’ll transport you off site for water and beach activities.


Groups attending will need to provide their own food and catering equipment

As in 2013 we expect to be offering:
a freezer block freezing facility
-central delivery van “receiving area”
-a small shop offering basic food items such as bread and milk
-evening hot food available for purchase from the cafe (to be confirmed)

Asda and Sainsburys succesfully provided an excellent delivery service in 2013.
In the town of Bomdin there is an Asda (24hrs), Sainsburys and a Lidl as well as numerous smaller shops and takeaway food outlets


If you want to learn more about the house or visit the gardens, take a look at