Kernow is Cornish for Cornwall
Here in the beautiful county of Cornwall we’re very proud of our unique culture and traditions and we love to share this with visitors from across the Tamar (the river that divides most of Cornwall from the rest of the UK)

If you want to learn more about the Cornish language try the Cornish Language Partnership site

Arrivals & Departures

Please make sure you follow all instructions from the site safety team and traffic marshalls.
Arrivals are from 9am – 3pm vehicles should come into the main Pencarrow gate and head down the drive to the drop off zone this will be limited to 10minutes parking.
All equipment will need unloading into site transport and will be delivered to your sub camp. Vehicles will then need to go down the drive and park in the longstay car park at the bottom of the field. Participants should be dropped in the drop off zone and make there way to there Sub camp carrying their kit and parents should then leave the site as soon as possible.
Departure are from 9am – 3pm Parents vehicles should come into the main Pencarrow gate and head down the drive to the drop off zone where young people should be waiting in the designated area for collection please choose a 15 minute window and agree this with your parents for collection parking in the drop off zone will be limited to 10minutes. All equipment will need to be loaded into site transport from the Sub camps and will be delivered to your sub camp area of the drop off Zone.
Cub and Brownie Day.
Arrivals and departures
Parents should head down the main drive towards the house and drop young people in the main Pencarrow house car park. Cars staying for the day should make this known to traffic Marshalls who while direct you to the appropriate parking. There will be an assembly area close to the house where parents can drop Cub and Brownies with leaders. Leaders should plan  to be on site 20minutes before the arrival time they have given to young people in order to collect them.




The majority of staff members arrive during the day on Friday 28th.

If you are coming earlier to help us put the site together, please make sure we’re expecting you so you’re catered for

Fires and Fire Safety

Fires of any kind are not permitted at Kernow, this includes charcoal BBQs and wood burners.

Please follow the guidance of the sub camp teams when setting up your site.

We ask that you maintain a clear gap between tents and ensure adequate spacing around cooking tents.

Gas bottles should be stored outside of your tents.

Fire points will be situated across the site but groups should aim to provide at their own equipment in line with your own risk assessments.  We recommend at minimum a fire blanket and water fire extinguisher.

Please ensure paths outside of your campsite are kept clear, guy lines, gateways need to remain inside your marked area.  Trailers should be moved to the car park if they cannot be fitted in side your plot.

Allocated Camping – each group will be allocated a space based on numbers of campers.  Please ensure all your equipment remains in side the marked area and keep pathways clear outside our site.

We are unable to accomodate caravans inside the participant subcamp area.