Cub & Brownie Visitor Bookings CLOSED

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Use this form for:
Cubs and Brownies
Beavers aged over 7 years old ONLY WHEN ATTENDING WITH A CUB PACK
Leaders and other 18+ adults attending with the group


Group Bookings CLOSED

Use this Link for inputting Participant Data
Use this form for:
Groups & participants
Leaders and other 18+ adults attending with the group
Leader’s children under 10 years old

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Staff Bookings OPEN

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Use this link for:
18+ Adult Staff (including Day Staff)
14+ Youth Staff (including Duke of Edinburgh Etc)

The form will need filling in for each adult and youth staff member attending.

Adult staff can also book in “staff children” aged under 10 at the same time

NB If you have already applied for a specific role, been in contact direct or are already “in” a role, you will need to fill in this form for us to get your details

For details of how to make payments please see our payments page